I play only mid ^_^
Hei everyone, i am iva, 15 , uk , anime, music, league of legends, food ehuehueehueh fave team C9 <3 fave band Three Days Grace <3 Fave anime Angel beats and Sword art online <3 any questions feel free to ask ^_^

Viscont Druitt steals your bocchan lol xD
wb urs guys? :D

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    Lau sucks on a apple. WAT
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    ((William T. Spears steals you’re Bocchan.)) 0.0”
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    Ronald.knox stole.my glasses?
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    Sebastian Michaelis gives me a music box. *swoons*
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    I got Ronald Knox spikes my tea. But I don’t drink tea. And I don’t know who Ronald Knox is!!!
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    (The Undertaker shakes his booty for me.) (Sir, please stop that.)
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    "Why is the Viscount shaking his booty for me?!" ((Sucks for you, Grell is tickling my fancy.)
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    October 28th: Undertaker throws you out. "Well isn’t that just nice of him…Just like the old casket hugger to do...
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    Ciel Phantomhive wants my soul O_O
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    Drocell Kainz is in your ceiling
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    William T. Spears wears a miniskirt
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    ((Ronald turns me into a demon, FUCK YES))
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    ((Willian T. Spears…turns me into a doll. Okay…))
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    { Claude gives me a music box O.O”
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    Grell Suttcliff has overtime. Sorry, Grell!
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    Ciel Phantomhive wants your soul my birthday sucks
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    Muse: Alois Trancy noms on your flesh. "See, there are reasons I dislike children. They’re cannibalistic creeps."...
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    ((Undertaker spiked my drink D:))
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    The Undertaker steals your glasses *give me back my shit you mothertruckin assbutt*