I play only mid ^_^
My name is Iva, I am 15 years old and i live in the uk ^_^ i am into anime my fave are death note, black butler and angel beats so far^^ My fave band from all time is Three days grace *-* i also listen to some dubstep and nightcore ofc ^_^My life is like anime music and gaming if u haven't noticed yet by the stuff i post :D I play league of legends so if u want to add me and play a game then pls do so^^ I play on EUW and my name is Ivkaa i am not an amazing player but i just play to have fun rly^^ oh and omggggg SIV HD *-* ehem anyway pls feel free to talk to me or ask me about anything i love meeting new people anyway^ I am kinda lazy and i love cookies haha just a random fact there for u ^_^ Anyway thanks for stopping by at my boring tumblr and hope to see u around have a lovely day :3



Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2014 - Video

I hope that spiderman was daniel radcliffe

I so want to move to Japan and go to school there D:

oh my gosh *-*

No dropping out: Back to School at 35

Yesterday i finished watching “No dropping out: Back to school at 35”. It’s a J-Drama i accidentally found on Crunchyroll. This shows is actually on the list of my faves shows. Anyone should watch this as it digs deep into how high school students and high school teachers might feel as being controlled by a thing called the “caste system” a system that ranks students into High, Middle and Low class; bring up bulling and rules among the classes. This rly is a great show, consisting of only 11 episodes it made me cry, laugh and rethink my own life. This rly is the best shows i have watched so far this Summer. If u’ve watched it i’ll like to also hear ur views on it ^_^ well thanks



"And some people just simply don’t bother to try".



Enjoying bath


Diabolik lovers

:’D true story